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How to Fly With a Trident in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the player can find and use a trident. The Trident is a powerful weapon that can be used to attack mobs and players. However, it can also be used to fly.

To fly with a trident in Minecraft, the player must first have an Elytra. The Elytra is an item that allows the player to glide through the air. Once the player has an Elytra, they can equip it by pressing F in their inventory.

With the Elytra equipped, the player can press SPACE while falling to start flying. The player will then glide through the air until they hit the ground or press SPACE again to stop flying.

How to Fly With a Trident in Minecraft

  • Find a body of water that is at least two blocks deep
  • Equip the trident in your main hand and start swimming underwater
  • Press and hold the use item button (right-click by default) to charge the trident
  • The longer you charge it, the further it will fly when released
  • Release the use item button to throw the trident
  • If it hits a target, it will deal damage and may even return to you like a boomerang!

How Do I Fly With a Trident in Minecraft?

Assuming you are referring to the Trident weapon: The Trident is a powerful, long-ranged weapon that can be used both in melee and ranged combat. It is one of the few weapons in Minecraft that can be used underwater.

To use the Trident, simply right-click while holding it in your hand. This will cause the Trident to throw itself forward, dealing damage to any mobs or players it hits. The Trident will then return to you, like an arrow.

You can also use the ‘Attack’ key bind (default left-click) while holding the Trident to swing it like a sword. The Trident does more damage when thrown than when used as a melee weapon, but beware – if you miss your target, you may not get your Trident back! If you find yourself without a Trident, don’t worry – they can be found in Underwater Ruins chests, Ocean Monuments chests, and Pillager Outpost chests.

You can also trade with Drowned mobs for Tridents using Nautilus Shells.

Once You Have These Items, Simply Equip the Elytra And Hold Right-Click to Charge Up the Fireworks.

Elytra is a type of armor that gives the player the ability to glide. Fireworks can be used for propulsion when Elytra is equipped. To charge up the fireworks, simply hold right-click.

The longer you hold right-click, the more powerful the blast will be.

Launch Yourself into the Air And Then Press Left-Click to Use the Trident While Flying.

In Minecraft, you can use the Trident while flying by pressing left-click. When you launch yourself into the air, your character will automatically start using the Trident. The Trident will help you fly further and faster, and it will also damage any enemies that you hit with it.

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How to Fly With Trident in Minecraft Pe?

Trident is a new weapon added in Minecraft PE 1.6.0, and it can be a great addition to your inventory if you know how to use it properly. Here are some tips on how to fly with Trident in Minecraft PE: 1. Find a body of water that is at least two blocks deep.

You cannot use Trident to fly if the water is shallow. 2. Throw the Trident into the water as far as you can. The further you throw it, the longer you will be able to stay afloat.

3. When you are ready to come back down, simply pull the Trident back towards you with your fishing rod.


In Minecraft, players can fly with a trident by using the elytra. The elytra is a pair of wings that can be found in the game’s End City locations. To use the elytra, players must first equip them and then jump off a high place.

While falling, players need to hold down the space bar to open the elytra and begin flying. Players can steer by looking in the direction they want to go and pressing the WASD keys.