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How to Get a Priest Villager in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the Priest Villager is a great option for those looking for a reliable cleric. While most villagers are content to go about their business, priest villagers will always offer to heal your wounds and bless your armor.

  • In Minecraft, a player can get a Priest Villager by spawning it with a cheat or using an egg
  • To spawn a Priest Villager with a cheat, the player will need to first find an unused server command block
  • Then, they will need to use the command “/summon Villager ~ ~1 ~ {Profession:5}”
  • This will create a Priest Villager at the player’s current location
  • To get a Priest Villager using an egg, the player will need to first obtain an Egg from either killing a chicken or finding one in a dungeon chest
  • Once they have obtained the egg, they will need to throw it on the ground near where they would like the Priest Villager to spawn and wait for it to hatch

How to Get a Priest Villager in Minecraft

How Do I Get Cleric Villagers?

In Minecraft, cleric villagers are a type of NPC (non-player character) that can be found in villages. Cleric villagers wear purple robes and have a job site block of an iron golem. They will offer to buy/sell various faith-based items, such as holy books and amulets.

To get a cleric villager, you first need to find a village that has one. You can do this by either exploring around your world until you find one or using the /locate command to find the coordinates of the nearest village. Once you’ve found a village with a cleric villager, you can trade with them to get the items they’re offering.

What Blocks Give Villagers Jobs?

There are a few blocks that give villagers jobs. The most common one is the job site block. This is a block that has a sign on it that says “Villager Job”.

When you right-click on this block, it will give you a list of all the available jobs for that villager. You can then left-click on the job you want to give to the villager. There are also other blocks that can give villagers jobs, such as chests and furnaces.

If you have a chest or furnace with goods in it, and there is a villager nearby, they will automatically take the job of retrieving those goods for you.

Where are Cleric Villagers?

Cleric villagers can be found in the following biomes: -Plains -Deserts

-Savannas -Extreme Hills+ -Mushroom Islands

The best way to find a cleric is by using the /locate Biome command. This will bring you to the nearest biome of that type. You can then explore the area until you find a village.

Cleric villagers have a few unique characteristics: -They wear purple robes and have gray hair. -They always have their eyes closed, even when trading with players.

-Clerics will offer to do trades involving emeralds for other items, such as books or food.

How Do You Make a Villager a Shepherd?

In Minecraft, you can turn a villager into a shepherd by giving them a bed and setting their profession to the farmer. To do this, first, select the villager you want to change and then open the dialog box by pressing F3+H. Next, click on the “Profession” drop-down menu and select “Farmer.”

Finally, give the villager a bed by right-clicking on it with an empty hand. The shepherd will now follow any sheep that wander nearby.

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Priest Villager Workstation.

A priest is a religious leader, usually associated with the Christian faith. In some cases, they may also be associated with other religions, such as the Jewish faith or the Hindu faith. They typically have a specific role within their religion and are often responsible for officiating religious ceremonies or providing spiritual guidance to those who follow their religion.

In Minecraft, the Priest Villager is a type of NPC (non-player character) that can be found in villages. These villagers will offer clerical services such as healing wounds and blessing crops. To do this, they must have an appropriate workstation, which is known as a Priest Workstation.

This workstation must be placed within two blocks of the villager in order for them to use it. The Priest Workstation is crafted using four wooden planks and two cobblestone blocks. It can be placed anywhere in your world but must be close to a priest’s villager in order for them to use it.


To get a Priest Villager in Minecraft, you will need to find an NPC village and trade with the nitwit villager. The nitwit villager has a 1% chance of spawning as a Priest, so keep trying until you find one. To trade with the nitwit villager, you will need to offer them an Emerald.

Once you have traded with the nitwit villager, they will become your follower and you can command them to do various tasks for you.