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Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Max Levels List 2023

Do you know Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 or TH11 max levels list? If you’re a Town Hall 11 player, you’re probably wondering what the maximum levels are for all your buildings, troops, spells, and heroes. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll go over all the max levels for TH11, so you can make sure you’re upgrading everything to its fullest potential.

TH11 Max Levels List

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Max Levels List

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 max levels list are below. We have tried to cover every list content. There are some categories like:

  • Defensive Buildings
  • Traps
  • Elixir Troops
  • Dark Elixir Troops
  • Clan Castle
  • Elixir Spells
  • Dark Elixir Spells
  • Heroes

Without any further delay, let’s dive into the content!

Max Levels of Defensive Buildings in TH11

At Town Hall 11, you have access to some of the strongest defensive buildings in Clash of Clans. These include the Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, and Bomb Towers.

The Eagle Artillery is an incredibly powerful defensive building that can cause devastating damage to enemy troops. It has a range of 7 tiles and can target any troop or spell that comes within its range. When it fires, it releases a volley of artillery shells that deal massive damage to all enemy units in its area of effect.

Inferno Towers are also very strong defensive buildings that can quickly melt through the health of even the toughest enemy troops. They come in two modes: single-target and multi-target. The single-target mode is particularly effective against high-health units like Heroes, while the multi-target mode is better at dealing with swarms of weaker troops.

Bomb Towers are great for dealing with groups of troops, as they can deal splash damage in a small radius around them. They also have a long range, making them useful for defending against air attacks.

Archer Tower16
Wizard Tower11
Air Defense9
Bomb Tower6
Hidden Tesla9
Inferno Tower5
Eagle Artillery3

Max Levels of Traps in TH11

At Town Hall 11, you can place a wide variety of traps to surprise and defeat your enemies. These include Bombs, Giant Bombs, Seeking Air Mines, Skeleton Traps, and Tornado Traps.

Bombs and Giant Bombs are both great for dealing damage to groups of ground troops, while Seeking Air Mines are useful for taking out flying units like Dragons and Balloons. Skeleton Traps can spawn groups of Skeletons that can distract and delay enemy units, giving your defenses more time to deal damage. Tornado Traps are a unique trap that can pull enemy units towards the center of the trap, where they take damage from the tornado.

Giant Bomb5
Air Bomb5
Seeking Air Mine4
Skeleton Trap3
Tornado Trap3

Max Levels of Elixir Troops in TH11

At Town Hall 11, you have access to a range of powerful Elixir Troops, including the Bowler, Miner, and Baby Dragon.

Bowler is a ground unit that can deal splash damage to groups of enemy troops. They are particularly effective against tightly packed units like Wizards and Archers. Miners, on the other hand, are great for attacking enemy bases with lots of compartments. They can tunnel underground to avoid defenses and quickly move from one part of the base to another. Baby Dragons are flying units that can deal splash damage to both ground and air units. They are particularly useful for taking out enemy Clan Castle troops.

Wall Breaker8
Baby Dragon3
Electro Dragon3

Max Levels of Dark Elixir Troops in TH11

Dark elixir troops are even more powerful than elixir troops, but they’re also more expensive to upgrade. Here are the maximum levels for your dark elixir troops at TH11:

TroopMax Level
Hog Rider7
Lava Hound4

Upgrading your dark elixir troops can give you a huge advantage in battle, so make sure to prioritize them if you have the resources.

Max Levels of Clan Castle in TH11

Your clan castle is essential for defending your base and supporting your troops in battle. Here are the maximum levels for your clan castle at TH11:

BuildingMax Level
Clan Castle6

Upgrading your clan castle can give you access to more powerful troops to support your attacks and defenses.

Max Levels of Elixir Spells in TH11

In addition to the elixir troops, Town Hall 11 also unlocks some powerful elixir spells. Here is a list of the max levels for each elixir spell at TH11:


Lightning and Healing spells are staples for most attacking strategies, with the ability to deal damage or heal troops respectively. Rage spells provide a boost to your troops’ speed and damage output, while Jump spells allow your troops to jump over walls. Freeze spells can temporarily disable enemy defenses, giving your troops an opening to attack. And finally, Clone spells can create copies of your troops, which can be especially useful for creating distractions or overwhelming an enemy’s defenses.

Max Levels of Dark Elixir Spells in TH11

Dark Elixir Spells are another set of powerful spells that can be unlocked at Town Hall 11. Here are the max levels for each Dark Elixir spell at TH11:


Poison spells can deal damage over time to enemy troops, making them an effective tool for weakening groups of troops. Earthquake spells can destroy enemy buildings, making it easier for your troops to move through a base. Haste spells increase the speed of your troops, while Skeleton spells can create a group of Skeletons that can distract enemy defenses. And finally, Bat spells create a swarm of bats that can attack enemy buildings and distract defenses.

Max Levels of Heroes in TH11

Of course, no Clash of Clans discussion would be complete without talking about heroes. At Town Hall 11, you can upgrade your Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden. Here are the max levels for each hero at TH11:

Barbarian King50
Archer Queen50
Grand Warden20

Maxing out your heroes is crucial to having a successful attacking and defending strategy in Clash of Clans. The Barbarian King and Archer Queen are both strong attackers with powerful abilities, while the Grand Warden can provide your troops with a powerful aura that boosts their strength and durability. Upgrading your heroes can be expensive, but it’s definitely worth the investment in the long run.

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As you can see, there are plenty of buildings, troops, spells, and heroes to upgrade at Town Hall 11. Whether you’re focused on defense or offense, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just remember that maxing out your base and troops will take time and resources, so be patient and enjoy the journey. Good luck!