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Why Didn’t Cell Absorb Android 16?

There are many theories as to why didn’t Cell absorb Android 16. The most popular theory is that Android 16 wasn’t completely operational at the time, so his cells weren’t able to be absorbed. Another theory is that something in Android 16’s programming prevented him from being absorbed.

Whatever the reason, it was a turning point in the battle against the Androids and gave the Z Fighters a chance to defeat them.

Why Didn't Cell Absorb Android

There are two main reasons why Cell didn’t absorb Android 16. The first reason is that Android 16 wasn’t fully operational when Cell tried to absorb him. Android 16 had been deactivated by Dr. Gero and thus wasn’t able to put up a fight or resist in any way.

The second reason is that even if Android 16 had been operational, he likely wouldn’t have been able to do much against Cell. Android 16 was designed to be a counter-attack against the Saiyan race, specifically Goku. As such, he was built with the intention of being strong enough to take down Goku. However, this made him no match for someone like Cell who was designed with the intention of being the strongest creature in the universe.

Even if Android 16 had been at full power, he would have stood no chance against Cell.

Does Cell Absorb 16?

There is no simple answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the type of cell, the specific circumstances under which it is absorbing 16, and what else is present in the environment. In general, however, cells are able to absorb small molecules like 16 for various purposes. For example, many cells take up nutrients through a process called endocytosis.

In this process, the cell surrounds the molecule with its membrane to form an internal vesicle. This vesicle then travels into the cell where it can be used for energy or other purposes. Cells can also absorb molecules like 16 in order to eliminate them from the body.

For instance, some cells in the liver take up harmful toxins and drugs so that they can be broken down and removed from circulation.

Can Android 16 Absorb Cell?

No, Android 16 cannot absorb Cells. Android 16 is an android created by Dr. Gero to serve as a bodyguard for his son, Android 17. He was modified to have the ability to self-destruct and was programmed to kill Goku.

However, these orders were later erased by Bulma. Unlike the other androids, Android 16 had a gentle personality and cared for nature and life. The cell is an artificial being created from the DNA of the strongest fighters in the universe.

He needs to absorb other beings to achieve his perfect form. Once he achieves this form, he will be able to destroy anything in his path.

Why Did Android 16 Fight Cell?

Android 16 was created by Dr. Gero as a backup plan to ensure that his ultimate creation, Cell, would be completed. While the other androids were designed with specific purposes in mind, Android 16 was simply an insurance policy; a fail-safe should the others fail. However, when Cell began his rampage across Earth in search of energy, Android 16 refused to fight him.

Dr. Gero ordered Android 17 and 18 to attack Cell, but they too refused. It wasn’t until Android 16 saw the destruction and death that Cell was causing that he decided to intervene. He knew that he couldn’t defeat Cell alone but he hoped that by buying some time for the others to escape, he could at least give them a fighting chance.

In the end, Android 16 sacrificed himself to stop Cell but his selfless act inspired the others to continue fighting and ultimately defeat the creature once and for all.

Can Cell Absorb Other Androids?

The ability of cells to absorb other androids is a common feature in many science fiction stories. However, there is no scientific evidence that this is possible. While cells can fuse together, they cannot absorb other cells whole.

Therefore, it is not possible for a cell to absorb another android.

Why Didn’t Cell Absorb Piccolo?

The anime series Dragon Ball Z features many powerful characters with incredible abilities. One of the most powerful is Piccolo, who has the ability to fire energy blasts and regenerate his body. In the show, Piccolo is killed by Cell, a villain who absorbs other beings to increase his power.

However, when Cell tries to absorb Piccolo, he finds that he can’t. Why is this? There are several possible explanations.

One is that Piccolo’s regeneration ability prevents him from being absorbed. Another possibility is that Piccolo’s energy blasts make him too difficult to absorb. It’s also possible that Cell simply isn’t powerful enough to absorb someone as strong as Piccolo.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Piccolo is a force to be reckoned with and even the powerful Cell couldn’t take him down for good.


In the Dragon Ball franchise, there are numerous powerful beings and entities. One of these is Cell, a bio-android created from the cells of some of the strongest fighters in the universe. He possesses immense strength and power and can absorb other organisms to gain even more power.

So why didn’t he absorb Android 16 when he had the chance? There are a few possible explanations. One is that Android 16 wasn’t strong enough to be worth absorbing; Cell was only interested in absorbing warriors who were at least as powerful as himself.

Another possibility is that Android 16’s programming prevented him from being absorbed; he may have been programmed to self-destruct if absorbed, or simply to resist any attempts to absorb him. It’s also possible that Cell simply didn’t see Android 16 as a threat and thus had no reason to absorb him. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Cell made a mistake in not absorbing Android 16 when he had the chance.

Had he done so, he would have become even more powerful than he already was and may have been able to defeat Goku and achieve his goal of ruling the universe.